Banu, Zafer, and Duru Kurtaslan

Find the Kurtaslans’ display at the Downtown & Business Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 612 Smithfield Street.

“The American schools are very difficult but the teachers are really nice. They help you so much. My violin speaks both Turkish and English!” – Duru

Banu Kurtaslan
It was a challenge for us to come here, because it’s a different country. We are from Konya in Turkey. Konya’s very close to the capital city. My husband got a scholarship.

Zafer Kurtaslan
I got a scholarship from an important institution in Turkey. I am a professor of music. Pittsburgh is a very loud place and most people are friendly. We are really happy for our daughter. Duru has a very good school and very good teachers. She has some artistic specialties, for example, playing violin in the school orchestra, drawing, and gymnastics. I am very happy for her to be here.

Duru Kurtaslan
The American schools are very difficult but the teachers are really nice. They help you so much. It’s easier here. I miss Turkey. I want to stay here more. I like the places I go here. My parents are nicer in the U.S. I eat both Turkish food and American food at home. Like mac-and-cheese. It’s American. American friends help me with learning English. My violin speaks both Turkish and English!

Banu Kurtaslan
People is clear in the street and especially in Mount Lebanon, a Pittsburgh suburb. I am an environment professor. I specialize in landscape design, designing public areas, parks and other public areas. Mt. Lebanon is green and they have a public library where we can find lots of events for kids and adults, almost every day. I study there and do education, cultural, and artistic activities.

Zafer Kurtaslan
My academic and professional specialty is violin and classical music. I’m also a music educator. My project is on music education in Pittsburgh. I am in music classes in Pittsburgh, especially the Mount Lebanon school district, and I collect research online. Pittsburgh is a very musical and artistic city.

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