Samantha Tirk

Find Samantha Tirk’s display at Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh, 212 Ninth Street.

“I got my tattoo with my sister after I had been diagnosed with depression. Since then, it’s something to visually remind me to stop, to breathe, and remember her whenever I feel overwhelmed.”

My sister is five years older than me. She and I are extremely close. She’s my best friend, and whenever I start feeling panicky I can call her or give her a text and tell her about what’s going on in my life.

Depression has affected my personality. I even now get worked up thinking about it because it was very scary to go through a time when you frequently wanted to die, and now I’m just so thankful for my family, that they keep me holding on. I’ve seen strangers that have the same tattoo and it’s nice to have them identify strength.

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