Rosilvia Muñiz

Find Rosilvia Muñiz’s display at St. Mary of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, 202 Stanwix Street.

“I moved here from Puerto Rico. I am a general physician, but I don’t qualify for work here. For me to have joy is for Pittsburgh to give equal opportunity to everybody.”

Six months ago I had to move from Puerto Rico. I never thought I would leave. The company moved my husband to the main office in PPG, so I had to close my own office. I am a general physician and director of the medical commission of Puerto Rico Professional Boxing. I worked with boxers for twenty years, so it’s very difficult to move. I had all my family in Puerto Rico.

I want to work here. It is a little bit difficult. After I sent applications to the hospital, they called me to an interview and chose me! I gave them my credentials, and after that they told me that I don’t – this is difficult – I don’t qualify. They told me that they don’t give jobs to general physicians. I feel I don’t have equal opportunity for the job, and I was disappointed. But I continue have faith in God. I know that God moved me to here, so He has purpose. I don’t know what’s for me in this country. I’m happy, and a little bit sad. For me to have joy is for Pittsburgh to give equal opportunity to everybody. But I’m Hispanic and I think that’s part of the issue. I hope that I can work here, because I need to have a job. It’s boring to be three times a day walking the dog. She’s nine years old. Her name is Box.

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