Rona Chang with Otto Minzenberg

“We moved here from New York City after we had our son, Otto. Our life slowed down dramatically. We’re friends with our neighbors, which I’m not sure would be the same.”

We moved to Pittsburgh from New York City, where I’m from. My husband is from north of Pittsburgh. It was a big change for me because I wasn’t accustomed to living in a smaller city. We moved to Beaver Falls first. I wasn’t used to shopping at any of the stores that were available there. I was so used to shopping at a bodega, deli, and a couple big stores daily for groceries. Not shopping weekly.

We moved right after we had our son, Otto, and our pace of life slowed down dramatically. We joined a neighborhood play group in Lawrenceville. I don’t know if that would have happened in New York. We’re friends with our neighbors. He goes around saying, “Hi neighbor. Hi neighbor,” which I’m not sure would be the same in New York City. When you have a child it’s like having a dog. Everybody’s drawn to you and smiles at you and they smile at each other.

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