Philip Gerwig

“Right now I’m homeless. After about two months, I finally coped with the fact that everything’s gone and I must start over or drown.”

Right now I’m homeless. It happened about eight months ago, in October. I was in a relationship about a decade ago. We had a beautiful daughter. There was nothing wrong with the family scenario, but the relationship didn’t work out. She sold the house and everything in it. I was kicked out, and she filed a PFA. After ten years, you can imagine the wounds along the way.

A thing that I have working for me is my ability to see that this negative can become a positive. I have no prior felonies. The unfortunate part about all of this is I have to suffer just as much as someone with felonies would, because this situation plays no favorites. I feel sorry for the people that are homeless. I feel sorry for people that are victims, and I feel sorry for people that are scared and angry. I know I’m not alone here. We all, as humans, are grasping with some type of indifference we must overcome. I’m selfish to say that because, at the time, I don’t have a roof over my head and I’m alone here.

Always Made New