Joy Hart

“When I was going through breast cancer, we brought a little baby raccoon into our house. She brought me so much joy in a very sad period of my life.”

About five years ago when I was going through my breast cancer, we were sitting out on our front porch and we live in a wooded area, and there was this little baby raccoon going across our driveway. So, my husband went out and got it and he thought she was about three weeks old. We brought it into the house. We fed it kitten milk. We trained it to go on newspapers behind the TV. She found out where we sleep at night and climbed into the bed, put her head on the pillow, and she slept with us at night. When she got a little bigger, we decided she’d have to go outside for a while. She figured out how to open our door by sitting on the handle.

Other than my children, the was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. She brought me so much joy in a very sad period of my life. Her name is Lucky, because we figured she was the luckiest raccoon on earth.


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