Jasmine Ross

Find Jasmine Ross’s display at Indian Spices, 129 Sixth Street.

“I’m starting to get comfortable in the skin that I’m in.”

I was over 260 pounds and I’m down to 180. That’s life-changing. It’s hard to get used to being a smaller size. I often bought bigger clothes even though I was smaller than what I was. I ended up having to get a bypass and I went through this mental state where I had to always exercise. So, I’m starting to get comfortable in the skin that I’m in.

All my friends, my family, the people at the daycare, they were all for me and my decision. A lot of people at church were also with me throughout the whole process. They supported me. They didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do, or force me to eat anything. They encouraged me that “you’re able to do it, no matter what you think. You’re able to accomplish that goal, whatever weight you want to be at or wherever you’re trying to go with this.” I want to be there for my child when she grows up. It wasn’t a choice like “Oh, I want to be skinny.” It was that I have to be there for my child.

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