Ellen Rine

“That’s the biggest change. I became a crazed political person.”

When Trump won the presidency I was devastated at just the thought of all the people that he planned on hurting. I have friends who have been sexually assaulted and he’s the president now, and they struggle. Immigrants and refugees are in peril. The gay community is in peril. So many things because of this person. I went from “Gee, I really wished we had the first female president,” to automatic concern about all these different people. That’s the biggest change. I became a crazed political person.

It came down to deciding that I needed to do something with the refugee and immigrant community. I joined the Cora Latina Americana, because I really need to get my Spanish back together. Through them, my hope is to continue meeting Latinas in the Pittsburgh area and offer to work with immigrant women and help them build their business. Together we could figure out how we want to use our profit. Is there something we can do for the communities that we live in to fight against the problems that they have?

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