David Carl

“We’re here together and we move forward together. Or move back alone.”

It’s funny, I had been thinking about going back to church for a while. I was born and raised in the church and got away from it. At the time, you still think you’re in church, or you’re where you should be, but you know you’re not. I happened to be sitting at a red light, and thought, “oh God, show me a church to go to,” and at that very moment, this billboard lit up and said “East Liberty Presbyterian Church.” I was like, “Ugh. All right, God, I guess I’m going there on Sunday.”

Sunday came and I was doing something. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and I wasn’t going to go, because I was raised to think you need to be in a suit when you go to church. But I ended up going anyway. I said, “I’ll just sit in the back where no one can see me.” I walked in, sat in the back, and listened to the sermon. I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Since then, I’ve attended every Sunday. It got me involved in the community and changed how I do my job. I’m trying to reach out to let people know that they’re loved. I’ve changed my life, sharing that people are not alone. That God loves them. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, Muslim, black, white, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. We’re here together and we move forward together. Or move back alone.


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