Chad Crosby with Samuel Crosby

“We have grown from praying for T-Rex’s every night to now including our mom, our dad, and little brother, and people that are not as fortunate as us.”

The birth of my first son, Samuel was a huge change in life and one that I thank for strengthening my faith in a more meaningful way. My other son is Jonah, who is 14 months. When I’m brave enough to bring him, he comes to church!

Seeing a child that you have to take care of, and loves you unconditionally, and that you love so unconditionally, it’s a feeling that you’ve never experienced before. At least that I had never experienced before. It brings you closer to God. Teaching faith in our home was one of the hardest things I had to do. Now it’s something that not just I do, but that I have to teach someone else to do. It’s hard, to figure out how to do that. We talk before we go to bed, we do our prayers at night, and we try to learn what we need to pray for, why, and how, and what that means. That’s been an adventure in itself and we have grown from praying for T-Rex’s every night to including mom and dad, little brother, and people that aren’t as fortunate as us. Seeing my son grow spiritually that way is a gift.

Always Made New