Brian Ramsey

“I’m here for the smallest of things, but it was enough to set me down. It’s not easy here. Every day has challenges. Sometimes everything is fine, but other days there’s tension and people aren’t getting along.”

I was raised in the Catholic church. Actually, my mother was my Sunday school teacher. But, for whatever reason, I strayed away from God due to distractions in life like getting my driver’s license and other things. I grew further away from God. I believe God set me down in here for a reason, because it was just me in a cell and God. Through that, I strengthened my communication with him through prayer. I can feel the Holy Spirit fill me inside. I’m at peace. Only through the grace of God is that possible.

It’s not easy being in here when you try to practice spiritual traditions around other inmates. But I take it as it comes, one day at a time. God has given me patience. Patience is a beautiful thing, especially in a place like this. Every day has certain challenges. It changes. Sometimes you get up and everything is fine but other days there’s tension in the air, and a lot of people are not getting along. By the grace of God, I can separate myself from the negativity and focus.

Always Made New