Bobby Witkowski

“I been married since February. I’m trying to get a place so when she comes home from rehab she’ll have a home. I’m trying to do this for me and for her.”

The homelessness is bad because you wake up every morning, you’re lonely, and you do what you got to do to survive. The thing to do is get unstuck. I got a job doing construction. I’m still homeless, but I’m working. The change is good. Every week I get a paycheck so I can get my own place. It took me all these years to do it. But, I’m doing it now. Why waste your check on drugs and alcohol when you could have food and a place to sleep? I’m saving up every penny I have.

I married a young lady in February. She’s in a program right now. I’m trying to get life together and get a place, so when she comes home from rehab she’ll have a home. Her name is Danielle. I’m trying to do this for me and for her. Basically, life is good. When you’re homeless, you just exist. But, when you start doing things, you change your whole life around.

I’ve been in the camps here eight and a half years. Kids come to me to learn how to survive. I’m like a parent, now. Everybody calls me “Uncle Bobby.” Nobody really taught me how to be a parent. I grew up in a house, though, in a foster family. Things were tough with my own parents. I taught myself how to be a parent. It’s mostly my survival skills from the Marine Corp., that I put to use with these kids. I was in the Marines for seven years. Straight from high school and I served all over the world.

The star on my neck is a satanic star. At one time I was really into the dark side. I was out of my mind. Then I became a Christian. It doesn’t bother me now anymore. People get offended from it, but that’s their problem. It reminds me of my past, of where I’ve been. Because I’ve been through it. I know God because I met Danielle. She started praying for me one day, and then we started going to church. We got married. It changed my whole life around.

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