Andrea Lopez

Find Andrea Lopez’s display at Point Park University, 322 Boulevard of the Allies.

“My fiancé and I reinvented ourselves and started our lives here. At first it was impossible, so hard I wanted to move back immediately. Pittsburgh’s a lot different than California.”

We lived in California and wanted a change in scenery. We were only together for a year, and on our year anniversary we decided to fly out to Pittsburgh and start looking for apartments.

We went to Point Park University, reinvented ourselves, and started our lives here. At first it was impossible. It was so hard that I wanted to move back immediately. Pittsburgh is a lot different than California. I’m from the Silicon Valley where everything is fast paced. I felt like Pittsburgh was a lot slower. Now we’re going on three years here and we just got engaged.

When we moved here I felt like I lived in such a bubble in California where everybody has progressive views. A melting pot is basically where I’m from. So, when I came here I had to be okay learning other people’s views. There are a lot more conservative views here. I didn’t respect those kinds of views when I moved here. I thought, “what’s wrong with you?” Like if you’re Republican I just can’t… I don’t know. I didn’t want to associate myself with that. But now that I’ve been so exposed to more conservative views, I think it’s opened me up to be more accepting towards all different kinds of people. I thought I already was accepting, because I thought I was this progressive person.

It takes a lot to pick yourself out of where you’re comfortable and listen to other people’s views. And that’s changed my life. Moving to Pittsburgh has changed my views on different kinds of people.

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