Alberta Wilkes

Find Alberta Wilkes’s display at Strong’s II Dry Cleaners, 310 Grant Street.

“One night I missed the last bus and I had to experience what it felt like to live on the street. I have more compassion now because it can be really scary in this world.”

If there’s a delay in the transportation, you miss your last connection to get home. One night I missed the last bus. I had to experience what it felt like to live on the street. By the grace of God, I stayed close to the bus station. It was unbelievable, the people walking around that don’t have a place to lay their heads down every night. I couldn’t even imagine living like that every day of my life.

I felt sad knowing that every day – wintertime, summertime, rain – people sleep on the street all night. I couldn’t imagine living like that. We take so much for granted. There are just as many women out there as you have men. I was afraid because I’m used to going home to my house, locking my door, and getting into bed with my nice, soft blankets. Here, people walk around with their whole life in shopping carts or garbage bags.

A lot of times I catch myself sitting back, daydreaming because I couldn’t imagine not having my mental capabilities or being able to afford to buy medication. And I have a heart condition. If I don’t take my medicine every day, that means I don’t survive. People walk around here that aren’t able to get the medication that they need. I have more compassion for people now because it can be really scary out here. We could all use a little more compassion.


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