Adele Moore

“I was a heroin addict for about five years. I went to a long-term treatment program and learned a lot about myself. Now I’m starting over again. I’m responsible today. I’m reliable today.”

I was a heroin addict for about five years. My life really took a downward spiral, being homeless, in and out of treatment. Always starting from the bottom. I took the step to a long-term treatment program. Went down to Florida for about nine months. I learned a lot about myself and recovery, and met someone. My self-esteem and relationship issues really changed, and I got away from active addiction. Now I’m back in Pittsburgh starting over again.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve lost within the past year due to heroin overdoses. It’s just brought me closer to my family. I’m able to keep friendships. I’m responsible, I’m reliable today. I help out with my friend’s baby, and that’s a good feeling to have people trust you again.


Always Made New